Segregation garbage KS.21.03

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63 L
Materials steel
H17 stainless steel powder coated
Stainless steel
Mounting instructions
Mounting screws
Product description

KS.21.03 segregation garbage can is a modern product designed for public places. The product can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

The structure of the waste garbage can allows fractions to be placed lengthwise or square. The first option gives unlimited possibilities to multiply fractions, depending on needs - from one to all five. Setting the fractions in a square means 4 fractions.

The KS.21.03 segregation bin can be made entirely of stainless steel or H17 steel, powder-coated to any color from the basic RAL palette. Its design allows the use of various colors on the front panels, which can also be cut out with pictograms or fraction descriptions. The possibilities of color composition are also very rich, which is made possible by the non-standard construction of the basket.