Usługi cięcia laserem

If you are looking for a business partner that offers laser cutting services then we encourage you to co-operate with our company.

We are in possession of two modern and precise Japanese lasers made by Mitsubishi that ensure a very high efficiency and quality of edge cutting.

  • Short notice
  • Highest quality of cutting
  • Saving
  • High cutting consistency
Laserowe cięcie blach

Cięcie laserem Mitsubishi technologia Fiber o mocy 4kW

Cięcie laserem Mitsubishi technologia CO2 o mocy 4,5kW

cięcie laserowe
  • Max. surface cutting range 1500x3000 mm
  • Maximum depth of cutting
  • 28 mm - black steel
  • 20 mm - stainless steel
  • 15 mm - aluminum
  • 12 mm - brass
  • 6 mm - copper
Most important advantages of laser cutting::
  • Speed of cutting (one of the quickest technologies of sheet treatment)
  • Quality of cutting (high tolerance)
  • Consistency
  • Savings on materials, time and costs.
The Fiber Laser is second to none. It is even 12 times more precise from plasma cutting and 4 times more precise from water cutting.
We work using the Fiber technology More precise by:
w porównaniu z cięciem plazmowym
w porównaniu do cięcia wodnego
We offer:
  • - A quick reaction from the time of request to the time of making the offer.
  • - Minimizing the costs through economic programming of cutting thanks to the experience of our technologists that are trying to optimize the proper layout of details.
  • - Shift-based work system of our operators that allows for consistent deliveries
  • - Properly scheduled program of deliveries that minimizes the wait time.
  • - Professional design team that enables the design of every detail and preparation of the cutting programs.
cięcie laserem

We are ready to offer you optimal products and services that will increase the value of your company, which is very significant. Our dedicated technical support team is ready to co-operate with the most demanding customer from every branch of industry.

​​​​​​​They will be happy to become your partners in long-term projects and visit your company as well to provide support in sudden emergencies and will help suggesting the most profitable solutions.


Increasingly, laser cutting of steel is called the technology of the future. No wonder, because this method not only allows for very precise cutting of Corten steel, but also a significant speed of service performance. Despite the quick cutting performance, the laser does not cause any deformation of the sheet. Another advantage is the completely smooth and clean surface. Contrary to other methods of steel processing, the laser enables 100% repeatability of the cut shape. This method works well for cutting mild steel up to a thickness of approximately 30 mm. Good results when performing the service of laser cutting of steel with a thickness of more than 25 mm can be obtained thanks to high-quality equipment, gas purity, the use of steel specially designed for laser cutting or the quality of the laser beam.


What is laser cutting of steel?


Cięcie laserowe stali jest nowoczesnym procesem, w którym energia wiązki laserowej, powoduje stopienie ciętego materiału w szczelinie cięcia lub jednoczesne stopienie i odparowanie, albo spalanie ciętego materiału. W procesie cięcia laserowego konieczny jest jednoczesny, współosiowy z wiązką laserową, przepływ gazu, zwanego gazem towarzyszącym (ang. assist gas), obojętnego lub reaktywnego chemicznie względem ciętego materiału (np. azot lub tlen),którego zadaniem jest wydmuchanie ze szczeliny cięcia ciekłego i odparowanego materiału. Stosowanie takiej metody cięcia zapewnia wysoką jakość ciętych krawędzi i ich prostopadłość, co eliminuje potrzebę dalszej obróbki. Otrzymujemy również dokładną powtarzalność wymiarów. Laserowe cięcie stali jest procesem niezawodnym, a trwałość materiałów eksploatacyjnych wykorzystywanych w tym procesie jest bardzo wysoka. Proces laserowego cięcia stali wykonywany w naszym zakładzie produkcyjnym w Biskupcu jest niezwykle szybki i precyzyjny, oraz pozwala uzyskać nawet bardzo skomplikowane kształty i wzory - można wykonać niestandardowe kontury czy nawet bardzo małe otwory. Stosowane przez nas nowoczesne i zaawansowane lasery zapewniają wysoką ekonomiczność procesu cięcia laserowego, zapewniając również duże prędkości cięcia, nieosiągalne w technologiach cięcia plazmowego lub cięcia strumieniem wody.


Why is it worth choosing a laser cutting service?


Performing laser cutting services offered by Inoplex from Warsaw also allows to reduce the consumption of raw materials and its maximum use. Many laser cutting operations can be carried out maintenance-free thanks to the advanced technology. This allows you to make hundreds of the same patterns without the active participation of the employee, and the whole process is extremely fast, which is why it is an extremely economical solution for business customers, especially those operating in the industrial sector. Such a solution enables the timely execution of even large and very complex orders with a large volume, as a consequence, it gains recognition even among very demanding customers.

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