Waste segregation bin KS.20.09

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5 x 60 L
Materials steel
Carbon fiber steel galvanized and powder coated
Stainless steel
Mounting instructions
Mounting screws
374 x 1870 x 800 mm
Product description

Waste segregation bin KS.20.09 is a proposal designed for public places, where the emphasis is placed on the safety of large human gatherings. It will prove to be useful, first of all, as an equipment for railroad stations, sports facilities, or at the subway station.

The KS.20.09 segregation bin is made entirely of steel and can be made in two finishes: black galvanized steel and powder coated or stainless steel in a ground finish.

A single chamber has a possibility of hanging a 60-65L bag on a special steel rod. Its construction allows for accurate observation of the contents of the basket.

It is possible to assemble any number of baskets in order to meet the current requirements in the scope of waste segregation. In case of submitting an inquiry, please specify the number of chambers and their application.