Having the experience on the market of street furniture, interior decoration and industry allows us to expand our offer for even the most demanding customers by creating a designer team. The designer team consists of experienced architects, engineers and graphic designers capable of creating individual projects intended for special orders. Those projects include city furnishings, interior decoration elements or industrial products. In accordance to the expectations of customers we have divided this chapter of our operations into two pieces: Individual designs and Industrial designs.

Individual designs

Combining knowledge with experience in the design field we first analyze our street furniture and interior decoration to achieve the most attractive form, taking into account the basic requirements of a customer, to come up with a modern and functional final product. Additionally to reflect the reality of a designed product we present visualizations in a real landscape.

Industrial designs

Besides street furniture and interior decoration our company takes on projects from the field of industry such as gastronomy furnishings, industrial devices, car wash equipment and many more. We have rich experience on the industry market as a manufacturer of black and stainless steel devices. We are capable of preparing industry designs from scratch. More information about products and services is available in the Industry chapter of our webpage.