Bicycle repair station SNR.19.01 from Inoplex

    Bicycle repair station SNR.19.01 from Inoplex is an easy-to-use, compact device that allows everyone to service or repair their bike.

    The shape of the repair station refers to the bicycle chain, which in combination with properly selected colors will allow you to see the station from afar, without any doubt what it is used for.

    Specially designed bicycle rack allows you to hang in a safe way any type of bike by the saddle. You can also hang your bike by the frame, if its construction allows it.

    With the help of the repair station for Inoplex bikes, we will carry out a number of repairs and adjustments from wheel filling, adjustment of gears, brakes to tube replacement.

    The station is mounted to the ground with 4 mounting screws. The construction of the Inoplex bike repair station is made of galvanized steel and powder coated in any colour from the RAL palette. There is a possibility of making a stainless steel repair station structure.

    The repair station for Inoplex bicycles can be installed in the company of bicycle racks ST.19.04 and ST.19.05.


    The bicycle repair station Inoplex includes:

    1. pump with pressure gauge
    2. Cross screwdriver
    3. Flatbed screwdriver
    4. Torx screwdriver
    5. 10" adjustable key
    6. 14 x 15 mm wrench
    7. 8 x 10 mm wrench
    8. 10 x 13 mm wrench
    9. Allen screwdriver type T 3.0 mm
    10. Allen screwdriver type T 4.0 mm
    11. Allen screwdriver type T 5.0 mm
    12. Allen screwdriver type T 6.0 mm
    13. Allen screwdriver type T 7.0 mm
    14. Allen screwdriver type T 8.0 mm

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