Sheet laser cutting

Laser cutting services

We have two modern Japanese MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC lasers at our disposal

Laser cutting - Mitsubishi ML3015EX-F „Fiber” type laser:

Maximum sheet size 1500 x 3000 mm

Cutting size(grubosc):

Black steel: 19 / 25mm

Stainless steel:20 mm

Aluminum: 15 mm

Copper:6 mm

Brass: 12 mm

Resonator: 3,5 KW

Laser cutting - Mitsubishi ML3015EX-45CF-R so-called „CO2” laser:

Maximum sheet size 1500 x 3000 mm

Cutting size:

Black steel:up to 28 mm

Stainless steel:up to 15 mm (optionally 25 mm)

Aluminum:up to 12 mm (optionally 18 mm)

Brass, copper:up to 5 mm

Resonator: 4,5 KW


Laser cutting is a modern way of dividing materials, high precision and speed of operation being its main characteristics. The laser cutting process consists of melting and evaporating the material at a chosen point and directing a laser beam on it. The edge of such a cut does not need further treatment which significantly speeds up the process. The consistency of cut materials is very high and it can be shaped in practically every way.

Inoplex offers professional laser sheet cutting services. Laser cutting is utilized in many workplaces with various fields of operation. The possibilities of this process are vast and allow for cutting very diverse elements as well as countless shapes which makes it a very reliable tool when it comes to the production of components, tool fragments or machine chassis and also a number of other elements.

Among many advantages which characterize laser cutting, Inoplex ensures quick order execution, the highest cutting precision and maximum usage of the surface of a used sheet.

The applied software gives the possibility of cutting a shape to your liking and the maximum usage of the sheet surface.The price is individually arranged with every customer, if interested, please contact our customer service.